UK Online Centres / Online Centres Foundation Annual Review
April 2011 - March 2012

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Our partners

We are delighted to have the friendship, power and support of partners to open doors and spread the word about our shared mission.

Race Online 2012/Go ON UK

Martha Lane Fox and her Race Online 2012 organisation continue to be an important ally for us in our quest to get everyone online. As the organisation reaches the end of its mission, and in 2012 becomes Go ON UK, we will continue to work them them as they develop their new direction and new strategy.


BT continue to act as advocates for digital skills, running the Get IT Together campaign, and embedding the Go ON website at, providing their customers with an easy route to improve their online skills. They also continue to provide BT Community Connections to a number of our centres to allow them to get connected for free, and are involved with the Digital Champions initiative by providing resources to encourage people to get someone they know online.


The BBC has built on its commitment to digital skills, supporting the Go ON give an hour campaign with a TV and radio advertising campaign and running First Click Friends, to encourage people to help a loved one get online. From April 2012, the BBC First Click network has come under the UK online centres banner, simplifying the offer for consumers and ensuring First Click centres can take advantage of the excellent help and support offered to UK online centres and Access Points.

Nominet Trust

UK online centres has worked closely with the Nominet Trust over the past year, supporting and promoting technology that has the power to develop and regenerate communities. Following the Community outreach joint funding round, UK online centres is continuing to work closely with the Nominet Trust, who are funding a new community site for organisational capacity building.


Broadband supplier Plusnet shares its home city with UK online centres, and has supported the campaign to get people online with volunteering support, promotional help and products - including free broadband for learners - during the last year. In October 2011, we ran the Go ON Sheffield campaign alongside Plusnet, who supplied 25 volunteers to support events being held throughout the city, and provided 50 lucky visitors with free broadband for a year.

Department for Work and Pensions and Jobcentre Plus

We continue to work closely with both the Department for Work and Pensions and Jobcentre Plus. Digital Champions operate in all Jobcentres around the country, pointing people to local places they can go to get started online. The Department for Work and Pensions continues to support the move towards digital, with UK online centres helping to support key targets for moving transactions online.

Digital Unite

2011 and 2012 saw us develop and consolidate our relationship with Digital Unite, supporting the Silver Surfers’ Day campaign for the fourth time by running the Spring Online campaign with 1,000 UK online centres. The launch of the Go ON website also saw us bring Digital Unite’s content under the banner of our learning website, to ensure learners can find the best resources to help them get started online.

Post Office

The Post Office continue to promote the benefits of being online to their customers, and again played a role in Get online week with offices around the country running events. We will continue to work with the Post Office closely, as part of our Digital Government workstream, finding new ways to bring services to people who need them.

Thanks also go to all the other partners who have supported us over the last twelve months...

...and especially our 3,800 centres, 600 access points and all others across the country who are working in their communities to get people online.